March 23, 2013

Travelling With ZARA

A couple of things this week have reminded me of last Summer when I went travelling around parts of South East Asia. Tasting Vita Coco for the first time (as mentioned on my twitter page) being one of them - nice as the drink was, there is no comparison with the real deal on the real deal - coconut water on a nice sandy beach - sun & heat present.

Then yesterday I spotted the ZARA lookbook for April; unsurprisingly after a very Eastern influenced SS13 some of the looks had an oriental feel about them, which further heightened my longing for . . . last Summer's holiday, one that I am only appreciating now - typical.

A little bit of Heaven . . .

If I had to pick one brand I could only wear for one year, I would definitely choose ZARA. I should be so lucky! From basics to their more extravagant and embellished pieces, they really do cater for what I want the inside of my wardrobe to look like. 

From their April lookbook, I have my eye on a few items, including that oriental print shirt and red jumpsuit - both above. There is something so appealing about roomy and loose fitting clothing with oversized sleeves and the deep pockets in the jumpsuit are an added bonus - perfect for that humid Thai weather.

 Talking of which, I also have my eye on flights to that part of the World again . . .

I have a feeling that travelling to ZARA instead of travelling with ZARA will be the more viable, if slightly less exotic option this year. However, judging by their current collection, maybe a shopping trip would be exotic enough!

Are you longing for something - anything, which seems so close, yet so far away at the same time?

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Milex said...

so good!

Manon Bruinekreeft said...

Really love the new collection.


I love the first image ..pajama and Chinese inspired trend all in one! Thank you for your lovely comment. Nice blog. Would you like to follow each other through bloglovin?

Penny and Polaroids said...

Love these! ..X

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Corinne said...

I remember when I was young my parents got a coconut and let me try the water inside first, I hated it and spit in back inside the cup so they couldn't have any. They were real cross. I love vita coco, but I've only ever seen in it Sainsburys which I rarely go in!

Corinne x