March 20, 2013

Pretty In Pink (Beauty ~ Part Two)

Lipstick is definitely a non essential item in my make-up bag. Unlike foundation and spot covering concealers, I could live without lipstick. Could - but don't - well sometimes. Some days Vaseline or Carmex do the trick. Other days a lip butter, lipstick or lip balm might tickle my fancy. As always, it just depends on what kind of (lippie) mood I'm in at the time.

When I indulge in something far fancier than Carmex, but still want moisturised lips - I usually go for these two products:
Clinique - 'Pink-A-Boo' (Butter shine lipstick)
Revlon - 'Raspberry Pie' (ColourBurst lip butter)

Sometimes it's nice to have Pretty In Pink lips, especially in Spring - keeping a memento of these gorgeous colours in 'kiss print' is also quite nice and very acceptable! Right? 

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Milex said...

I adore you!

Closet Fashionista said...

So cute! I am loving both of those colors! :D

Corinne said...

I never wear anything on my lips! I don't know why, I feel like it looks too much on me. I'd love to wear red lipstick and feel confident about it though!

Corinne x


I love lipsticks, especially dark pink. Your pic is very nice!

Thank you for your lovely comment. Would you like to follow each other through bloglovin?

Manon Bruinekreeft said...

Pretty colors.

Nora said...

This is a GORGEOUS post...two great colours too, esp Pink-a-Boo!