June 03, 2010

oldies but amazing goodies!

Today I met up with my friend who is a big vintage girl. And in between tea and gossip, I was thinking how vintage looking she is. (Horrible generalisation...sorry!). She loves going into the most random shops, whereby she always ends up with something really original and I'm there wishing I bought it myself. Early bird catches the worm and so on... She has so much patience rooting through shops to find some gems, whereas my patience level can be low sometimes. Instead, I love looking through all the vintage websites.

For the laugh I wrote down what vintage means for me

I-Intricate (detail)
N-Not New (Again, obviously!)
T-Totally irreplaceable
G-Gold dust
E-Eccentric (sometimes)

How amazing is this 1960s caftan? Of course the high street try to copy this style, but its never the same as the real thing. Sold on Spanish Moss Vintage.

1960s Pucci Style dress. Wow!

1970s knit crochet maxi skirt. Sold on Spanish Moss Vintage.

1970s Blue Sequin Studio 54-esque top. This is just beautiful.

I was stunned (good stunned) when I saw this 1960s rhinestone and beaded sheer top. I want this! Sold on Posh Girl Vintage.

1970s studded denim jacket.

1970s printed red blouse. Fantastic with shorts or a pair of wide legged jeans. Charlies Angels style!

1970s embroidered Halter top. The old Carrie in the SATC series would wear this.

1960s faux-fur Leopard print jacket. I want this too! Sold on Spanish Vintage Moss.

1970s fur coat. Sold on Spanish Moss Vintage.

Get horsey with this 1970s horse chain belt. Sold on Posh Girl Vintage.

1960s Emilio Pucci box purse.

Love these 1970s lavender platforms.

Yes, there is a 1960s & 1970s vibe going on here. I really like this era, that's why!

What vintage era do you prefer? Hope you are all having a good Thursday! Can't believe it is Thursday already...anyways...

Images from and sold on shopsmv.com and poshgirlvintage.com


Christie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE vintage!!! The leopard jacket, first two dresses, shoes, and bag are AMAZING!

In Fashion and Style

Closet Fashionista said...

Oh wow great stuff!!! :D
I've yet to set foot in a vintage shop even though I really want to...no one to go with XD

Lydia said...

Some lovely stuff there.

Lydia xxx

MarchMusings said...

Perhaps that's why it's hard to find good stuff in vintage shops...it's all been bought by these websites. Truly drool-worthy stuff in these photos.
Thanks for following me, I'm happy to be following you now :)

Becca. said...

I love vintage too, and your friend sounds amazing and like she has a good eye for fashion, but sometimes you find really nice stuff and sometimes the stuff is horrible which sucks!
love the kaftan, the pattern on it is gorgeous!
thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

Miri said...

I also love vintage accessoires and clothing, especially from the 60s and 70s, I actually would like to have lived in that time, must have been so exciting.

ilsteviewonder said...

Great Stuff! I love vintage things! I also love those platform heels! following you now! =)

Michal Kurtis said...

The fur coat is my fave! Ive never shopped vintage though, I hate to admit...


ABIGAIL NY said...

Love the denim studded top!!

(blogger new-bie.so visit, comment or follow)

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

Super awesome selections! Both of the Pucci items were my favorite. My style is more towards the 50's and early 60's... but I can appreciate good 70's vintage too!!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable studded denim jacket! And the platforms are beautiful! ^^

Anonymous said...

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My Republic of Fashion said...

Thanks for all the comments!:)SD

Style of a Fashionista said...

I wish had that talent like your friend. I am reasonably good on ebay but I can never go "rooting" about in shops and find something unusual. (rooting ref to you newer post :))xoxo