June 02, 2010

A New Era...? Perhaps Not.

Yesterday the 2010 Women in Film Crystal & Lucy Awards took place. Sure, its an inspirational awards ceremony for women actor's, but was it inspirational in terms of fashion? No. The theme of the evening was black. Now, I do realise that this awards ceremony is NOT on the scale of the Oscars or the golden globes, but it would have been nice to see a bit of colour, a bit of spontaneity.

Maybe their willingness to go back to black had to do with the fact that one of the sponsor's of the evening was MaxMara. MaxMara is all about understated chic and they love using black, navy, brown, grey, neutral colours in their clothes...you get the picture. So it was only inevitable that the actor's up for awards, the host of the evening, etc were all going to translate MaxMara's simple-ness. As I said before, this is an inspirational evening, but I only wish that the ladies translated some of this inspiration into their dresses.

Okay, enough! There were some goodies though, out of a bad lot. One of them was Zoe Saldana. You can always trust her to pull something different out of the bag (remember the Oscars?). I personally love this look. Do you?

Emily Blunt is my second favourite in this black and lace dress. I love lace, so I love this. I would have prefered a shorter hemline though.

Vanessa Hudgens was also in attendance...in black MaxMara. Sorry now, but this black theme is just verging on the ridiculous at the moment. I like this dress on her, obviously not the black part, but the style of the dress. If I was given the option though, I don't know if I would wear it myself. At least it's a bit different from the rest of the black dresses though.

But apart from those few dresses, everything else is just quite...boring to be honest. Do you remember Jennifer Aniston in that prada silver dress at the 2009 women in film Crystal & Lucy awards? Here is a reminder.

This is what she wore last night. Sorry I couldn't find a picture of her where she was not permanently attached to Courteney Cox-Arquette all night. They are bff's (hate that term!)after all. Both of them in black.

The host of the evening was Debra Messing, who was in black. With her hair colour and skin tone she could have picked an amazing dress. But it wasn't to be!

So, I'm going to stop there. What a boring, black night. Not great in terms of fashion. Not inspirational at all and I'm sorry if this post is dull... I am really looking forward to the CFDA Fashion Awards. I'm sure it won't be a black night.

What do you think?

All Images from Red Carpet Fashion Awards & Zimbio


Marie Z. said...

I think the theme should have been "colorful," especially since it's Spring. Leave the black for winter! Zoe Saldana looked exquisite, though!

Closet Fashionista said...

I love Emily!!! :D And Zoe looks gorgeous too! :D
But yea...color would have been more fun

Lisa Griffin said...

Yikes, I'm on an anti-black streak. i refuse to wear it , especially in spring time!

anna said...

Zoe looks amazing! So gorgeous! ^^

MarchMusings said...

That is a lot of black for the spring/summer. I wonder why?

Melanie M said...

Zoe Saldana is such a stunner! Oh my gosh! :)


Miss M. said...

Zoe Saldano looks so pretty and at least she made an effort and give it a turn to all the blak theme.

Vanessa Hudgens, could choose a more interesting dress. I mean is cute and everything, but also kind of boring. Where's color people?

Miss M


Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

I really really love Zoe's dress. It is beautiful. The others are.. meh. Maybe all of their stylists are angry and agreed to have them wear slightly unflattering attire?

My Republic of Fashion said...

Back to Black is definitely not great. I'm glad ye all agree with me!:)