June 05, 2010

I like to Time Travel...

Last night I was looking for something inspiring to read and because the majority of my reading books are all either chick-lits or thrillers (chick-lits...definitely not inspirational, more like depression central), I decided to root out some of my old magazines. When I say root, what I mean is that I went to the shelf in my wardrobe where they are stored and took some down.

Whenever someone says root, I always have an image in my mind of someone rooting for something that they shouldn't be rooting for. Like, for example rooting in my mothers jewellery box was something that I shouldn't have done when I was a child, but I still did it. Its because I was a brat child and I thought that rooting through my mother's possessions was living on the edge. Woahhh!

I really should use words other than root, like 'find' or 'happen to come across'. Because not only am I confusing myself, but I am more than likely confusing you with all my gibberish. Apologies!

Anyway, I came across one of my favourite Vogue UK magazine's...the December 2006 Issue. Their 90th birthday Issue.

I love the way this issue goes back in time. I love the insights from old, old Vogue Issues (apparently, boot polish was used as mascara because of make-up shortages during World War II. Don't think I'll be trying that any time soon). I love the editorials in this Issue...you get the idea, that I love this issue!

Have you read it?

I also came across this puzzle thing...who are you? I took the test and I am Louis Vuitton. I would have preferred to have been Chanel...but hey, I was honest whilst doing it. Its more than likely not accurate, but it is a bit of fun!

Who are you?

Just click to enlarge it.

Whilst 'rooting' I also found a student style sheet guide, I wrote years and years ago. Apparently, a pair of €100 heels fit perfectly into the student budget. Ha, ya right! Don't ask me what I was thinking.

I spent all day outside in the sun yesterday, so I might just do the same thing today. There is nothing like a bit of laziness! Have a great Saturday.

All Images from Vogue UK, December 2006


Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh fun!! I'm a Louis Vuitton too...sad XD I wanted Burberry, McQueen or Chanel

Lydia said...

What fun!
I'm a Lanvin.

Lydia xxx

Pop Champagne said...

The editorials in vogue is fab, they have some of the most creative concepts I've seen in magazines!

Nadine2point0 said...

I'll have to do that test - you have a great blog here. I'm following you now!
I've collected Sept. Vogue for 20 years since it's always the thickest and gives me something lovely to look at with the dreary weather of winter that comes soon after :)
ANyhow, fun to look back like you said!

Influential Drive said...

we love vogueeee!!
you have a great blog!
check ours out if you get the chance:

lily and sophie x x

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

Ooooh I have not read it, but clearly I need to!!!!
And root away =)

Marie Z. said...

I love looking at old magazines! I still have some from the nineties! (Sounds like an era ago!)