June 01, 2010

I need to go, I need to go, I need to get away from everything...

When I was a child, I used to play pretend with my Barbies, like pretend Barbie is a model or pretend Barbie hates Ken...two minutes later, pretend Barbie actually loves Ken. (Love is so fickle, especially when its between two plastic dolls). Now, with no more Barbies in-sight, I have to play pretend with myself. So, today I'm pretending that I'm going on holidays tomorrow to somewhere sunny and hot.

My mind has gone blank as to the pretend location I want to go to. The only places that I can think of are Lanzarote and Nice in France.... I prefer Nice to Lanzarote, so my pretend holiday will be there. Nice has lovely beaches (despite their rocky terrain) so, some beach-wear is essential.

I went straight to the H&M website to pick out some cheap but cheerful stuff, but then I reminded myself that this is only a pretend holiday and lets pretend that I have some money, as opposed to none. So, I went to the Accessorize website to have a look at their beach-wear fair. I kind of got a bit entranced by all the glitzy-ness and glamour that exudes from Accessorize. Nice is all about glamour, so I feel that Accessorize would be perfect for this pretend holiday. However, keeping a little bit of reality, I threw in a few pieces from H&M also. I also sneaked in a few added extras from Ray-Ban and DVF.

Being a native of Ireland, I don't spend much time on the beach wearing a bikini, but I'm going to Nice (lets pretend!) so I will wear a bikini.

Pretend its from Missoni...its actually Accessorize.

Gingham bikini from Accessorize.

Multicoloured Bikini from Accessorize.

Tie-Dye from H&M.

Spotty bikini from H&M. It has that old school glamour look that I love.

Of course I will need some sort of a cover up when I go on my pretend holiday.

Green, white & gold Sarong from Accessorize.

I love this mint green kaftan from Accessorize.

Plain white...chic and casual from H&M.

Turquoise dress from H&M.

Stripy pink kaftan...from Accessorize (of course!).

Leopard maxi from Accessorize.

Some footwear would come in handy too!

I love Jelly Sandals. I used to have a purple pair when I was a child. These Diane Von Furstenburg ones are slighty more sophisticated. Sold on Net-A-Porter.

Bronze Gladiators from Accessorize.

Plain Khaki...perfect for trying to walk on those rocky Nice beaches.

Get leafie with these sandals from...you guessed it-Accessorize.

I would only take one hat and one beach bag on this pretend holiday.

Plain Straw from H&M.

Crochet bag from Accessorize.

You just can't beat Ray-Bans...

All Images from Ray-Ban website

If I was going on holidays and if I owned all this stuff, I probably wouldn't bring half of it, but its pretend holiday time!

Do you like my pretend beach-wear for Nice? Oh, and please tell me you used to play pretend when you were younger? Maybe I just had a very overactive imagination.

All Images from H&M, Accessorize and Net-A-Porter Websites.

Title of the Post from the song 'Remember When' by The Heathers.


Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh I love that first suit, you're right its very Missoni!!! :D
And yes, I always pretend played, sooo fun :D Sometimes we were wolves, horses....haha....

My Republic of Fashion said...

Glad to know I wasn't the only one!haha:)

Marie Z. said...

Can I please come on your pretend holiday with you? I would love to wear the clothes and accessories you picked out! Great post : )

La Boheme said...

This is such a fun post! Missoni would definitely get my vote. xo

Iva said...

love the first bikini! so cute!

Jenni said...

oh i love that gingham biniki! too bad that would not support my "girls" and then there's that whole online shopping ban I have for June. Boo!

Such cute things you've highlighted.

Isabel said...

the tie dye bikini is to die for!

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

daily mix LA said...

love your choices! i want to go on vacation

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

I adore your picks here...esp loving the gingham bikini. I wish we had Accessorize in the US!

passport in my pocket said...

love the straw hat. I'm really into hats these days. and gladiator sandals :)

Anonymous said...

I really love the spotted H&M bikini! So cute! ^^

Caroline said...

I loove that first bikini! I wish we had Accessorize here in the U.S. too :( They have so much cute stuff. And the jelly sandals are cute. I used to have a pair of pink jellies...I probably wore them while playing with my barbies. I miss those days!

Michelle Elaine said...

The polkadotted bathing suit is my fave - mostly because I'm really into vintage cuts right now :)

I was actually stopping by cause I saw that you commented on "Zebra & Meerkat's" blog post about the sunnies! If you leave a comment over at Fvncy.com's 100th post you could be entered to win three free sunglasses!


simone leblanc said...

the gingham bikini is too cute!

Rosanna said...

great suits!!!!


Adorngirl said...

I used to to do the same thing with my barbies, when I was younger, and I had a whole set of clothes, that I used to dress her up in. If I had the money, I would use Net-a-porter as my shopping playground

My Republic of Fashion said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments.:)

Anonymous said...

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