April 27, 2013

Designer Spotlight: Charlotte Olympia

Welcome to Charlotte's Web . . .

Charlotte Olympia Facts:  First full shoe collection launched in 2008 by designer & owner Charlotte Dellal. 
Prices range from €345 (to an eye-watering) upwards +++. This is a luxury designer brand, with designer prices - investment pieces. (More's the pity for my non designer friendly funds.)
The shoes sometimes have a feline look, but both shoes & now accessories are always guaranteed feminine with an added touch of ooh-la-la. 

From the designer's mouth: 'The higher the heel, the better you feel'. 
The Cherry Blossom Girl loves her velvet Charlotte Olympia wedges. So do I.

Are you a Horoscope lover? I don't know about you, but I certainly am. These Horoscope shoes from the Cosmic collection are most definitely on my in-your-dreams wish list. I'm Scorpio, but given that it's Taurus' time to shine, here is a very specific Horoscope written by me to all you Taurean's.

Had a tough week? Don't even think of staying in this weekend, pick out an outfit - put on a pair of lucky shoes - the Taurus shoe, go dancing and have fun. You might have a lot of fashion conscious admirers who - strangely enough - are looking at your feet. A foot fetish, perhaps? No. A Charlotte Olympia fetish. Just go with it, Taurus - you cosmic chick!

Collaboration from Charlotte Olympia x Olympia Le-Tan (Fashion's Night Out, September 2012). Remember to never judge a book by its cover. Unless it's an embroidered book cover clutch from Charlotte Olympia x Olympia Le-Tan. Go forth and exclaim 'Charlotte 'Olympia' Dellal is a crafty one'. 

Image via elle.com

Designer collaborations are launching left, right & centre in the Fashion Industry at the moment, which can sometimes make them seem less exciting, however, the feeling for this new Charlotte Olympia x Tom Binns collaboration is pure love. Funky cat shoes with safety pin piercings, include some of the pieces in this collab collection.
A collaboration worth its weight in neon . . . and safety pins. 
Available on the 2nd of May.

Image via vogue.it

Fancy a virtual, footprint friendly holiday? As the 'Toucan' flies, Charlotte Olympia Dot Com is a mere finger click away. Go on - go have a lust session.

Just don't forget to pack your sandals & pair of heels . . .  

All images/products, unless stated otherwise via net-a-porter.com & matchesfashion.com.

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Closet Fashionista said...

Agreed! She is pretty awesome, I love the kitty flats she does best...it's a little weird in heel form, ha ha

Corinne said...

Wow, they are expensive but defo beautiful!

Corinne x

Danica Stark said...

Hey Love!

Lovely post!

Please follow and visit me :D

Danica Stark

FashionJazz said...

These are fabulous!! :)


Margeaux Mutarde said...

I love the little balerina's. those first 3 are great!