February 11, 2013

ELLE s'appelle Victoria

Love: ELLE UK's new magazine design. Fresh-Fashion.
Admire: Victoria Beckham. She is hard working and not to mention sleek, polished & tailored-just like her new collection for AW13, which you can see here, if you haven't already. She hasn't always been sleek or polished with the way she dresses, but I admire her even more because of that.
Confession: I have Victoria Beckham's autobiography; 'Learning to fly'. I loved reading it, circa a good few years ago. Have you ever read it?

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Nowak said...

nice post dear :)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

She's amazing!


Love her and her style. :)

Manon Bruinekreeft said...

Gorgeous cover.

Ira Kharchenko said...

Victoria looks flawless!

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S said...

She's incredible!
Love her style!


Life's a shoe said...

i love Victoria Beckham too! Posh has always been my favorite spice girl and omg! I also have a copy of her autobigraphy! hehe