January 29, 2013

A 'Try Hard' In Camouflage

I can often get so sucked in to owning a 'must-have' that I can be labelled a 'try hard'. I remember at the age of 13, for Christmas, I wanted so badly a pair of Sketcher shoes and a Reebok tracksuit. Santa came, delivered and went; his sleigh lighter from baby pink apparel and sparkly footwear, as he made his way towards the West. The delight, the joy, the beginning of my 'try hard' era, which as you read on, has yet to come to an end. Just imagine my all pink ensemble complete with frizzy hair-I thought I was amazing.

 Of course, looking back, I can now see that my baby pink fashion outfit was more 'what were you thinking', rather than 'wow, pretty in pink'. That's what growing up is all about, though. Finding your way. Figuring it all out. Not just with fashion, but life in general, too. I found myself in River Island one day where I spotted a pair of trousers-camouflage trousers. I knew immediately that I had to have them. So I got them. Easy.

On the second outing of wearing these trousers, I found myself on a train. With no room to sit down, I kept my head directed towards the floor and counted the stops until I was out. I spotted another pair of camouflage legs. There is something about camouflage that you can spot instantly amongst colour, and the dreary interior of a commuter train. These trousers were paired with woolly socks and hardened leather boots, as opposed to my studded flats and no socks. An army guy. I raised my head. He was looking at my camouflage trousers in wonder. Suddenly, my I-have-to-have-them-now camouflage trousers seemed wimpy and worse, they reeked of being a 'try hard'. There, only a few feet away was a guy who (I presume) works his camouflage clothed butt to the extreme for a living. And, I? I also work my camouflage clothed derrière to the extreme-all for fashion. Check(camouflage)mate.

 Try hard? Yes, probably. I still love my camouflage trousers, though. My figuring it all out journey will also continue. So, who else is a 'try hard'? 

 Camouflage trousers: River Island

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judith said...

Me encantan los pantalones!!!

Manon Bruinekreeft said...

Perfect trousers!

S said...

Great pants!
Guess, I'm a "try hard" too!^^