July 02, 2010

Its all me-me-me-me-me!

The lovely Marie at ">http://mariealamode.blogspot.com/ tagged me and here are my answers. Enjoy!

1. What do you do?

I'm just after finishing my degree in International Business and trying to get a job. Trying, but failing! Any day now and I'll be employed...hopefully, fingers crossed!

2. What did you name your blog and why?

I named it My Republic of Fashion. The Republic part is in honour of Ireland (Republic of Ireland). Make sense? I still have to get my head around it sometimes!

3. Why did you start blogging?

To stop the boredom of my unemployed state. Ah no, I have always loved fashion and I loved reading other blogs...so, why not? I'm hooked now!

4. Whose closet would you raid?

Diane Kruger's and Chloe Sevigny's would be first. Shortly following hers would be Kirsten Dunst', Alexa Chung's, Olivia Palermo's.......I think you get the idea!

5. What trend are you loving right now?

I'm loving the fringing trend for Spring-Summer 2010. I don't like too much fringing on an outfit though, just a touch. Perfect for the Summer. But, I cannot wait 'til Autumn-Winter...parkas and shearling and knits. Need I say anymore?!


6. Where do you like to shop?

Topshop, H&M, Zara, Primark, River Island, Mango...

7. Are you an impulsive buyer or not?

Kind of.... it depends really! I used to be really bad. Like a few years ago, I had no problems going into a shop and spending money on stupid, unnecessary things. I remember once, I bought a €30 foundation that wasn't even right for my skin tone. Total madness! But, now I'm after realising that money doesn't grow on trees. You tend to realise this when you have NO money!haha

8. How has your style evolved over the last few years?

My style has changed so much. I used to be so self-conscious about what I wore when I was a teenager. But, now I am over that! My style evolves all the time. I was lucky enough to live in France for four months and I believe that my time over there totally transformed what I wear. I love the way the French dress.


jemina said...

I LOVE this interview, i hope you will get a job soon, i know that you will be the best employee ever, happy weekend, xoxo

Marie Z. said...

I enjoyed reading this! Good luck with the job hunt!

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post!

Love that asymmetric dress from Warehouse!


Vintage Mavens said...

Lovely interview!!!!! Good luck looking for a job, Sarah! I know you'll find something fantastic soon!

tiana said...

i love your style/fashion story, and good luck with your job!


Mariion said...

thanks :)
very cool your blog