June 14, 2010

Pinky and the Brain

When I was younger,
I used to ask my mother her favourite colour,
ehhh...navy, white, black was usually her reply.
I am my mothers daughter, but in terms of colour,
I go for something a little more bolder.

Pink is my colour,
one of my favourites.
Pink to make the boys wink!
Hot & cerise pink to be precise,
as seen on the Spring-Summer 2010 catwalks,
from Christian Dior to Blumarine to Lanvin.

Images from style.com

If I had more money,
my wardrobe would be full of fun, flirty pink.
But, for the moment,
I have to make do with drooling over my pink wish list.
From hot pink crystal lips to 60 second nail polish...
Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Pink Boyfriend Levi's? Yes, please! Sold on levi.com

Forever 21 likes hot pink.

I want these Adidas High-Tops so bad! Sold on office.co.uk

A-wear jumpsuit.

This boot/welly keyring from jewelleryshop.net would brighten up my dull grey keys.

Reel back the years with this pink Giambattista Valli jacket. Sold on Net-A-Porter.

Hot Lips! Lulu Guinness knows how to grab our attention with these beauties.

SHOCKER! 60 second nail polish from Rimmel.

Mulberry hot pink heart purse. Sold on Net-A-Porter.

So, do you have a favourite, favourite colour?

All images from shops/websites stated. Pinky and the brain quote from www.imdb.com



AGREED! My favourite, favourite colour is PINK :-)))
But after looking through your photos there I realised I don't have enough PINK clothing! :||

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Okay, this post has stolen my heart. Pink is my favorite color and all these LOVELY items are so fabulous, I'm not even sure where to begin. Lol.

I am totally freaking out over those pink Levis. I want a pair!! And those high tops?! How cute are those? Gah! Those lip earrings are so cute and glamorous. And finally, that purse? I die.

Awesome post. Made my day! :)

kelly frances said...

great way of taking ideas right off the runway! i love the second pink jumpsuit, im really into pink right now!!


johanna said...

Favourite color?
Peach and white.
Thank you so much for your comment
Follow me if you want.
Love, johanna

Fashion By He said...

great blog

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


Cupcakes are fashion ! said...

I agree, pink is gorgeous (:



Obsesiones de una Nina said...

Loving the first catwaLk image, that pink is HOTT!

Couture Carrie said...

Love this pink post, especially the runway looks! I am smitten with that Blumarine tir-dye dress!


P.S. Purple is my favorite color :)

jemina said...

LOVE all your pink picks, it's definitely a bright and cheery, lovely colour, great post, as always, xoxo

ilsteviewonder said...

My favorite colors are green,teal and that soft sea green color! I love the pink things that you chose! Love that romper and the runway looks :)

agnes said...

Toutes les robes sont magnifiques, j'aime beaucoup

Style of a Fashionista said...

Great selection of beautiful pink clothes. I love the A-wear jumpsuit. If I am honest I would have to say my favorite colour to wear is black how boring. I do love peacock green too but it is so hard to find. Fab post xoxo

Ro said...

i absolutely love PINK!
the first dress in the catwalk is simply amazing!
nice blog!

Faux Naif said...

i don't have a favourite colour, but this post is great!

Alice said...

my favorite color - i Have always said it's red, but now I'm not so sure!

love the lanvin


Fashion is me said...

pendent miracle, I love all the accessories associated with the shoes in any way



Fashion is me said...

I forgive you:)



Johanna - MyShoebox.se said...

I don´t know if I have a favourite color, I like every color! But at different times of the year or depending on my mood :)

nikysha said...

my favorite is probably the long pink dress.. its amazing.

rebel attitude said...

the first dress is ideal!!
Kisses :-)

Clare said...

I love the first dress, gorgeous shade of pink.

tweet tweet tweet


Becca said...

I love colbalt blue! When I see something that is the perfect shade I can almost never reisist.

IsauraQuevedo said...

I love hot pink! and blumarine ss10 collection is stunning!

Ashley said...

Oh weird! I just blogged about how much I wear pink. I seemingly go to softer shades, for some reason, but I have plenty of hot pink in my closet as well.

Love the jumpsuit, and I might have to look into getting a pair of those jeans!

Marie said...

i love the romper/jumpsuit! my favorite color to wear is yellow! its so bright and wonderful :)

ari said...

hello hun :)
thanks for stopping by my blog :)

you know what I was never a "pink" person before, but this spring season I am really into the pastel and pale pinks, and more of the blush tones.. i just can't get enough of them!


Dylana Suarez said...

I am starting to love pink more and more!


Gets said...

I Love Blue! :D Every shade.

Haha really cute post, digging the romper and ripped jeans most of all. <3


Faridah said...

Hot colour! I love it.

Ashley said...

This shade of pink is one of my favs too! I want those jeans and that romper, and the heart purse, too cute! :)


B a la Moda said...

I love the pink color tone of the jumpsuit. It is beautiful!

B* a la Moda

Mar said...

My favorite color is red, but I also love pink. It's perfect on you if you're tanned. Love to wear it in summer :)

Nuheila said...

PINK of course!!!Love pink and love this post.


ps.If you wanna exchange links,lt me know :D

maureen- said...

ì don't really have a favourite colour i think.. but this post is lovely !! xxxxxxx

beewaits said...

black. black with gold. black with silver. that's me happy. if i have to go for an actual colour that isn't something like navy....i'd end up going for some sort of green....from khaki to forrest. The pink I do have can be summed up in a dress,a skirt and a pair of shoes. That said, I LOVE the forever21 top.


Sophie said...

wish i had that jumpsuit!<3

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

What a sweet post =) My favorite color growing up was yellow; but I can def appreciate pink. There is something fresh and sweet about it.

kirstyb said...

yes indeed this would be my fave colour lol xxxxx

My Republic of Fashion said...

Thanks for all the amazing comments!:)SD

Ashleigh said...

Dying over the pink jumpsuit!!

Aattlee said...

That pink jumpsuit is divine! I ak absolutely in LOVE with it. Well found. :)