June 09, 2010

Dog days are over.....

It is one thirty on a Wednesday afternoon and I am happy. I know I should appreciate everyday, but I'm not keen on Wednesday usually. Its the midweek and it is just a bit blah. But today? No way! I hear you ask why am I so happy? Well....

1. I got my College degree results yesterday. This signals the end of long, very long hours in the library (All those hours in the library paid off though). No more studying! It also signals the end of trying to be interested in a subject, when I actually really detest it. Strategic Management fills me with fear! Correction-filled me with fear. I never have to do it again. Bye bye Waterford Institute of Technology. It was nice knowing you, but definitely time to move on.

2. Seeing recent pictures of Florence Welsh and Anne Hathaway looking beautiful in their own pale skin also makes me happy. Being pale myself, its like as if I have something in common with them.

But the commonalities end there. I can't act (I can act up), I used to pretend sing when I was in the school choir (as in, I lip-synched without an actual record playing in the background...you get the idea though, the very scary teacher knew I was doing it.haha), this highlights I can't sing. I can't *really* dance. Failed classes in Irish Dancing, Salsa, Contemporary Dance...showed me that I can't dance. *Really*...when I have a long Island Iced Cocktail in me, I think I can actually dance. But I can't. Anyways, enough of my lackluster talents.

Don't you think Anne and Florence look beautiful pale?

Drool over her beautiful Jasmine Di Milo dress, she wore to the Glamour awards in London last night.

3. The last thing that is making me happy on this otherwise quite boring Wednesday is the fact that Mulberry are launching a high street collection. Very good news...yes? Target is the chosen store for this new range...this is causing a slight hitch in my happiness. Ireland doesn't have a Target. Can you order online from the store? I don't know.

But hopefully, seems as Mulberry is a British originated Fashion Company, they will launch somewhere in Europe. I have this fascination with Mulberry bags. They are so beautiful and luxurious. Only time will tell if they keep some of this luxury in their high street collection (even a teenchy bit).

Spring-Summer 2010 Mulberry collection. I'll have the pink leopard one, please!

So what about you? Do you feel the same about Wednesday's, as I normally do? Have a happy one!

Oh and by the way...just want to say thanks a million for all the lovely comments you have been giving me since I started the blog (not that long ago). I really, really appreciate them.:)

All Images from glamourmagazine.co.uk and graziadaily.co.uk

Title credit-'Dog days are over' by Florence + The Machine


Christie said...

Love the bags! Delish!!!

In Fashion and Style

Keith said...

I really love that photo of Anne.

Couture Carrie said...

Congrats on finishing school, darling!

And I am so excited about that Mulberry/Target collaboration!


ilsteviewonder said...

Anne Hathaway is gorgeous! I love her! Congrats on finishing! Im now excited too about Target and Mulberry! yes =)

beewaits said...

i pass the mulberry shop everyday walking home, its pure torture. i love going in and looking at the bags...they are gorgeous, and the window displays are always astounding

Closet Fashionista said...

EEP! MULBERRY FOR TARGET?!!! That is so awesome! I can't wait!! Usually you can't get the pieces on the store site because they are only available in certain stores. But there is always eBay...but they mark up the prices a lot.

Leonie said...

Woooo! I'm so excited about the Mulberry bags! Should be amazing! And furthermore, I think it's good to be pale. Why should girls always have a tan anyway? Some girls just look orange. I'm happy it's wednesday too, cause I'm seeing Florence tomorrow!


Emilie said...

They look beautiful pale!

Isabel said...

mmm mulberry...if only i had more money....

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

Liv said...

Anne does pale to perfection, but it's really difficult, one needs perfect skin to pull off pale. Lovely shots


Danielle said...

Loving Anne's pale skin

Cute Blog



Leslee said...

Congratz! Moving on is always a goood thing. Love Anne's dress.

Tzoulia Kadoglou said...

you are always so nice thank you darling :)

anna said...

Wednesdays are always so difficult! And congratulations! I can not wait until I am done as well! ^_^

Fashions Not A Luxury said...

:) :) Wonderful i posted same Mulberry for Target. It's spreading around. Yes Target has online shopping, hum not sure if it'll ship to Ireland but do check it out. Launching October-December :)

My Republic of Fashion said...

I'll check it out. Thanks for telling me.:)SD

Rocker Chic said...

Congrats on your graduation whooooohoo welcome to the real world lol. Im in love with your blog. cant wait to read more.


Elena S. said...

thank you for the comment on my blog!
you have a great blog- i really like it
i am going to follow you and it would be great if you followed me as well!

Mish Dish said...

The pink leopard Mulberry bag is to dye for. I have it in black...also very exciting. xo Mish


Eden said...

mulberry bags are so iconic now. love the pink w the print!

great blog:)


Nemerae said...

Mulberry bags are so cool!! :)
I've to study until july, the 3rd.. lucky you!

Sara Bentley said...

Congratulations of your graduation!! This is such a special time for you I hope you really get a chance to savor it. Just a warning though... you'll probably be having nightmares involving Strategic Management for the next few years -- I still have Calculous haunting my sleepy time!
Love your blog!!

My Republic of Fashion said...

Strategic management will more than likely give me nightmares for the rest of my life...ugh!!!haha. Thanks for the comment.:)SD

Vanessa said...

i would do almost anything for one of those bags x