May 27, 2010

please give me a New Look!

I had 30 minutes today to run into New Look to get a credit note for a dress, I bought way back in February and then buy something else. My sister was timing me. Its a hard life!! Anyone who has ever been in a New Look store, will know that NL try and fit as many clothes onto the same rail. So, basically it is a rooting store, to try and find the 'hidden gems' amongst the not so hidden gems (sorry, if I am being really incoherent today). Today was my lucky day. I had €19 to spend, which is not a lot, but I found my 'hidden gems'!

My first find was this denim babydoll dress, which was a bargain at €12. And it was the last one in my size. I like!

The back detail is pretty cool with the zip detail.

Its a simple dress, but I plan on styling it up with accessories. Like? Yes/No?

I actually tried on this dress, which has been in loads of magazines as a 'star buy', however there was none in my size. I was going to buy it, but ugh effort of getting it tailored to fit me. God, I am in such a lazy mood today!

I am really excited about my next purchase. These sunglasses are pretty amazing and once again a BARGAIN at €7.

I immediately thought of Rizzo (Stockard Channing) from Grease when I saw these glasses. Don't even ask me why! I love them though and the funny shape compliments my funny face shape (big roundy glasses are hideous on me!). Which is a big yay.

Hoop Earrings were my last purchase and I have to say I AM addicted to hoop earrings. I am blessed (well, blessed is a bit strong) to be able to wear really cheap jewelery and at €1.25, these hoopies fall into the very cheap and cheerful category.

Not Chanel (as you might have guessed, that they were not Chanel), but New Look!

What do you think of my purchases? In all, I spent under €19 because of a fantastic invention called student discount.

In other VERY exciting news...I have just seen SJP's Alexander McQueen dress for the London SATC2 premier...oh my God, I'm actually lost for words. Like wow! She is rocking this amazing dress and Philip Treacy hat (2008 deja-vu anyone?). AMAZING.

In fact all of the SATC ladies looked amazing. What is it about London?!

Way prefer this black dress on Kim Cattrall, than the gold she wore to the NY premier. Love this!

Kristin Davis in vintage Norman Norell. Once again like NY, she is stunning.

Cynthia Nixon in a teal Narcisco Rodriguez dress, which suits her pale skin tone to perfection.

All images from Just Jared

Better than NY, don't you all think?

Right, I am off to flop in front of my TV, to watch something stupid. Wouldn't be able to concentrate on something serious.


Marie Z. said...

Great buys! I really love the blue babydoll dress. And SJP looked stunning in Alexander McQueen! Can't wait to see the movie!


Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh love your purchases!! :D And yea, that McQueen dress is gorgeous!!!
(thanks for the comment on my blog!)

The Fashion Bloggess said...

wow! great post as per usual!
LOVE your blog sooooo much!
Such an inspiration! Definitely
bookmarking you righttt now!
Hope you can stop by mine
sometime :) xx

Rosie said...

Cute dress and those sunglasses too!

Platform Princess said...

Loving both your dress choices.


Hilaloeya said...

love the dresses!!