May 26, 2010

my miu miu

Facebook should be banned(well, on second thoughts, it should'nt)...anyways, I say this because nearly everytime I log in, I see posts from people who are saying fairwell to Ireland for the summer. America, the Greek Islands...wherever takes your fancy, people I know are leaving left, right and centre. (Don't really blame them though) And I? I am in Waterford. For the whole Summer. Enough said.

What are your summer plans?

Something which always cheers me up though is my miu miu bag I got for my 21st birthday. Thanks mother & father! Even a sniff of the gorgeous Italian leather makes me happy! Miu Miu puts a smile on my face full stop. It is such a fun label.

Say hello to my shiny, leathery (not so) little friend!

One and a half years later...

Definitely not as shiny. Must do something about that!

Some of my favourite miu miu bags from the Spring-Summer 2010 collection...

All Images from Polyvore

Louis Vuitton also makes me happy. Marc Jacobs was out in force last night at the launch of the Louis Vuitton Bond Street Maison in London. Naturally, all stars were head to toe in Louis Vuitton.

Kirsten Dunst has recently returned with a bang on the social scene and she looked gorgeous in this navy and black autumn-winter 2010 dress.

The host of the evening, Alexa Chung & Pixie Geldof (with sort of dodgy hair).

Gwyneth Paltrow knows what suits her and this cruise 2011 dress certainly does.

Daisy Lowe in an autumn-winter 2010 dress.

Gemma Arterton looking pretty in blush pink.

All Images from & Red Carpet Fashion Awards

What do you think of Kirsten & Co in Louis Vuitton?

Going back to my miu miu bag, have you any special bag that you just love and that makes you happy?


Marie Z. said...

Your Miu Miu bag is gorgeous!

Miss Cavendish said...

Nice header sketch! Welcome to the blogging world.

My Republic of Fashion said...

Thank you!:)

Hello*Pretty said...

Loving that first miu miu bag. So perfect! xo-karrie

rebecca said...

Oooh, I went to Waterford a couple of years ago! It's lovely there (:
And lucky you! I don't own any expensive bags - really want the Mulberry Alexa, but I'll stick with my vintage leather ones for now

Isabel said...

love miu miu! you cant go wrong with it!

Walk of Fashion

Copious Couture said...

Thanks very much for you lovely comment hope you had a great day!


Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Love that bag, so much.

Ughhh I never go anywhere. I so wish I was anywhere but here in Toronto.

CMA said...

loving this! really fun
youve got a great blog, keep it up!
thanks for sharing, i'll be watching your posts


My Republic of Fashion said...

Thanks very much for all the lovely comments. I love Waterford really, just tend to get sick of it from time to time and everywhere else like Toronto (for e.g.) sounds so much more exciting.:):) I will just have to do loads of travelling!

jemina said...

Hi Sarah, perhaps you could bring your bag to a leather specialist? In Singapore, there is this hand bag spa specialist that are specialized in this kind of thing, I brought my once lack lustre bag there and it came back to me like brand new (they gave the bag a new dye job among other things), it was definitely worth the 2 weeks wait, here's their site:, go through it and hopefully you can find one like it in your area, all the best, xoxo