September 16, 2011

In To The Future & Back Again

Friday, 20th April, 2012

Looking in to the future of SarahD. Fashion writer, living it up in New York. Would give anything for another hour of sleep.

6.30am: Alarm rings. Short snooze.
6.40am: Snoozzzzzzze.
6.55am: S***! Am late.
06.57am: Realise it's Friday. That can only mean 'Dress the way the designers intended you to' day.
07.00am: Must make an effort.
07.05am: Raid the wardrobe. Or is that closet?!
07.09am: I spy Michael, Elie & Phillip.
07.10am: Am I in the mood to look like a Zebra? Or do I want to resemble a pastel Neapolitan ice-cream? I quite like the idea of gold foil, though. Where is that Elie Tahari skirt......
07.15: It's the skirt. Definitely the skirt's time to 'shine' today.
07.40: Dressed. Successful mission. Just one more question:
Is bed-hair still acceptable these days?

Friday, 16th September, 2011

Present moment in time, give or take a couple of hours.

06.35am: Alarm Rings. What is that bloody noise?
06.40am: It can't be time to get up yet.
06.45am: Snooze.
06.55am: Am up. Have to finish new blog post before work.
07.00am: Breakfast first, though.
07.20am: Two thoughts: Thank God it's Friday and yay for and New York Fashion Week.
08.00am: Post completed.
08.05am: Just one more question: What am I really going to wear today?

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classiq said...

I loved the Elie Tahari collection. Beautiful textures, colours, silhouettes. xo

Anonymous said...

ahahahahaha!!! I love that post, I have that dilemma nearly every single day!!


Closet Fashionista said...

Hehe I love this! Yay for future Sarah! :)

Manon said...

I love this post!

Ginta said...

That Phillip Lim look - I love it so much!

Marie a la Mode said...

Ha ha cute post! : )

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous runway selections!
Love this post!


Michelle Lee said...

love 3.1!

Haidée said...

thank you for your lovely comment love your blog so cool . so fun :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely post:)

D e g a i n e said...

Loved this post!

FashionJazz said...

Loving the collection and I like ur post too, hope u get some rest soon hun xx

Kavery said...

Funny post. What did you finally wear?

Anupriya Dutta said...

I love this post! Clearly what I think specifically during fashion week

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...
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Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

love elie tahari's


Carmen said...

I love the Elie Tahari look!

Carmen Ri.