August 22, 2011


Animals? Love. Clothes? Love? Accessories? Love. Animals and clothes? Eh...! Animal accessories? Hmmm...! You may think animals are one dimensional. I mean, all they do is eat, sleep, drink and exercise under duress. Quite like humans, in fact. But animals are more and more in the spotlight. They feature on jumpers, they make up earrings. Animals can pose too, you know. 

However, let me show two examples when animals can go wrong. Animals and Mr's, to be precise:
1. Mr. Big gave Carrie this Judith Leiber swan purse in SATC. She felt compelled to say 'I love you'. Not the 'I love you' because I love this gift. More 'I love you' because you tried and that's all that counts. Right?
2. Mr. Darcy in Bridget Jone's Diary and his reindeer jumper. Apparently, his mother picked this gem for him to wear. Enough said.

(Example A. Example B.)

I feel this '''trend''' is something, you will either love or hate. I am in the middle. Sitting on the fence. Wearing my koala bear jumper and feeding apples to horses. What do you think?

Gucci purse & Charlotte Olympia flats via Net-A-Porter
Mr Darcy image via


Closet Fashionista said...

LOVE the frog earrings! And I saw an ADORABLE whale Gucci coin purse yesterday, cute!
Im a bit of an animal freak so I like this trend ;)

janettaylor said...

YEPP! I love love them all!

Imke said...

Yeeees, SATC ♥ Love it! & The jumper is awesome, haha :D

Great post!

Xo, Imke

Marie a la Mode said...

I'm not really into it. I would be if I was seven years old though! ; )

Couture Carrie said...

Hysterical post...
The Gucci purse is kinda cute though!


Kavery said...

Poor Mr Darcy, he'll nver live that jumper down

Bonnie said...

I think that it can look cool when done right, but it can also look like you are wearing your 9-year old daughter/sister/niece's clothes.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Andrés Corella said...

Well it really depends on the piece..there are some pieces that are really cool or cute...and others that are plain hideous haha

The Black Label

the nyanzi report said...


Anonymous said...

Animal jewellery, yes.

Animals on clothing, bags and shoes.... no no!

Jules @ A Bit of Jules

Anonymous said...

I really love that trend. I remember when few years ago I fell in love with Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse-shoes! Still trying to save up money for them!

cecylia said...

ah the Charlotte Olympia shoes are super adorable! LURVE!
Come follow my blog hun :)

FashionJazz said...

I think it depends on the item, but in general I am loving the trend : D xx

Lee Oliveira said...

omg.. i want that gucci pig purse!
so cute
lee x

Manon said...

Love the cat flats.

jewellery bijou said...

This is so cute !I love your posts!you always find something amazing!


what a great post!! I adore animalistic prints on clothes! Adore animals in jewerly too!!!