June 08, 2011


I feel like I am dressing too conservatively lately. The motto of 'if you've got it, flaunt it' seems to be passing me by as I dress myself each morning. I convince myself that a top is too low cut, when clearly it is as far removed as low cut you can get. Jersey shore? Now, they are low cut. And I don't just mean their tops. Ooohhhh! I am a Scorpio, after all. I have a bit of a sting!

As some of you might know, I like to day dream. And the minute I saw Chloë
Sevigny's Resort collection for Opening Ceremony, my day dreams went in to overdrive.

What if. Just what if I sauntered into work wearing that leather dress below. Eye. Popping. I don't think my colleagues could handle it. I'd probably be sent home for being a leathery old goat.

{But the thing about this leather dress, is that it is beautiful. Wear it like the model. Sandals, simple hair & make-up and you are done.}

The sexy outfit below needs no explaining. This outfit has the salsa feel about it. Never minding the fact that I have two left feet and can't salsa to save my life. My expertise is in the robot. Not the machine, the dance, more is the pity. But, I know, just know, that if I had that outfit on, I could salsa my life away. Not a bad way to spend your life. Just look at that skirt.

{Day Dreams, be gone! This outfit, especially the skirt needs to be in my life. That would sort my ever growing conservative ways.}

What do you think about Chloë's resort collection for O.C.?

Pictures via style.com

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Storm said...

first of all - thanks for visiting, doll!
And i must say, these pictures are absolutely amazing, though i reallt like colours, this is classically pretty - you are such a talented blogger!

joana said...

OMG so pretty

My Third Cousin and Sarah said...

I adore the leather dress! x

Fashion Tales.... said...

LOVE this actually! The last outfit is calling me! -xo

Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh I love these!! The first dress is awesomeee :D

Andrés Corella said...

I am liking it! Both outfits are really good...its ok if you don´t know how to dance salsa I can teach you..I´m latin so...(haha that was so cliche)

The Black Label

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous collection!

And I am a Scorpio too :)


Anonymous said...

i'm a scorpio as well, and going through the same dilemma! oversized shirts and sweaters dominate my wardrobe... definitely time for us to introduce some new, daring looks!


amy leah
the coquetiquette

kavery said...

Go for the less-conservative look now so you won't regret it later!
'Blue Lagoon' had Brooke Shields in it, probably the best thing about it(sort of)

Anonymous said...

cute outfits... both a bit too short for me though!! :( x

Jewellery Bijou said...

I like those dresses,but too be honest I am not sure if I would find the right place to wear them and maybe they are a bit too short as well.

Anonymous said...

that first dress is breathtaking

Fashion Queen said...

Love the photos.

Marta G. said...


Sarah said...

Oh, that leather dress! And you would so not be a leathery old goat, in any circumstance!

Leia said...

That skirt... NEEDS to be in my closet!


Marie a la Mode said...

I love the red and navy! How did I not know Chloe was designing for Open Ceremony??