March 20, 2011

Psychic Sarah

I am not a psychic. I am not a fashion psychic either.  However, I am a chancer. It's Spring, the sun is shining and I feel like chancing my arm. Today, I am going to forecast the 12 Zodiac signs, in terms of fashion, of course. Are you ready?

20 February-20 March
It's your Birthday, Pisces. I could wish you some nice thoughts for the special day, but instead, I will tell you what to buy. This month, Pisces you have to turn all your Birthday wishes into reality. According to a source (reputable, it might not be), the number two is lucky for you. According to another source (Elle UK magazine) Mars is Pisces all month, so in terms of fashion, this is the time to be courageous. What should you buy, I hear? Heels. Daring heels. And heels always come in two's. Lucky, or what?

Versace, €650, Net-A-Porter

21 March-20 April
It is nearly your birthday, Aries. An Arian is a do-er. They talk the talk, but they can walk the talk, also. There is no holding back when it comes to fashion. Florals, gingham, denim, bandanas? Yes. In fact, I just described the D&G Spring/ Summer 2011 collection. We would all try to pull off this collection. But a true Arian would pull this off with panache. You will look better than the models. Trust me. Think Italian, be Italian.

21 April-21 May
Thinking about a new direction? If you are, don't forget to take along your birthday gemstone. The emerald. If you don't have an emerald jewel, buy yourself one. If you can't afford one, well then, buy a fake emerald. This emerald will always remind you of who you are. Even in the most testing fashion situations. And, it's a beautiful stone. Your outfit will always shine. It's a win-win situation!

22 May-21 June
We all like to spend a bit of money, but Gemini's love it. March will be a good month for your wardrobe. Why? Make March the party month, Gemini. Think sequins, ruffles and flats (for dancing). Don't even think about buying basics. And who knows, maybe that Topshop dress will catch the eye of someone. *wink wink* I am not to be held accountable if that doesn't happen, though. Just blame Topshop.

22 June-22 July
The dreaded crab is your Zodiac symbol. These creatures are ehhhh, crabby and so are you. Only joking! However, if you are not feeling very sprightly, I order you to go on holiday. When I think of holidays, I get images of the sea & sun in my head. An exotic Island, who knows...? Do you get the same images, Cancer? So, make sure to pack fun, flirty sun dresses and plenty of sandals. You might as well throw in a floppy hat or two. Get in the sunshine mood!

H&M Dress, €19.90

23 July-23 August
Leo, you are a lion! Think like a lion, act like a lion, dress like a lion. If you can't (or don't want to) do any of this, just take inspiration from Coco Chanel (famous Leo fashionista). Think simplicity with an edge. Think stripes, pearls. Think chic. You need some va-va-voom, though. You are a Leo after all. Where do you get this va-va-voom? Lipstick, darlings. Deep red, dark pink. You choose. You are the lion-ness after all.

24 August-23 September
Virgo's are known to be creative. However, the Month of March may not be good for your creativity. Let me ask you Virgo: are you feeling tired & lethargic? I have the cure for you. Colour. Loads & loads of colour. Put your creativity to test and try to pull an outfit together than includes several colour blocks. Think Pink. Think Green. Think Blue. All bright. You will be set for the rest of March.

24 September-23 October
Feeling fashionably restless? But can't afford a holiday? I advise that you exercise. Trainers are a major must-have. And I don't mean big white clodhoppers that would scare even the the biggest fashion hater. No white, but go for bright. Colourful trainers are the way to go. And you Libra, will pull them off with flare. Do you want my advice on what trainers to buy, Libra? You say no, but you really mean yes. My choice are Nike Air. Just do it! Remember colour.....

24 October-22 November
I am a Scorpio. I love being a Scorpio. People are afraid of the sting before they even meet you. But, my fellow Scorpions will agree with me by saying  'the' sting only comes out in desperately hard fashion months. Am I the only one feeling that the rest of March will be a hard time for fashion conscious scorpions? I feel the sting is a-coming. In a rut? Scorpions are known to be fashion forward, so go ahead, wear something fierce & fashionable. I know, I will! Outlandish head pieces will be the norm when going to Tesco next month. Mark my words.

Suzie Mahony Designs

23 November-22 December
The month of March has been a fun one for you so far, Sag. And the coming weeks will be even more fun. What do fun people wear? Now, that is the question! A party dress? Nah. A pair of leather trousers. No, way. Too much effort. A jumpsuit. Yes to yay. As in, absolutely. Buy a jumpsuit, Sag, and the rest of March will be a lot of fun for you. You will be literally jumping around. Okay, I'll shut up now...

23 December-20 January
You are a Christmas baby, child, adult. Do you like red, white & green? You say no? Stop being such a Grinch. You should like those festive colours. Well, you should definitely like white. I mean it's Springtime. Wear white and you will be less uptight. It's a known fact. From the My Republic of Fashion fact book. Wear white and you will be a delight. Dresses, skirts, trousers, blouses. End of.

21 January-19 February
Are you having a bit of trouble trying to express your fashion views this month?  Aquarians, do not fear. I have just the thing to get your views heard. Write/type some fantastic letters to magazine editors. Who knows, Anna Wintour might be tickled pink by your ramblings and give you a column  in Vogue. Your ramblings would be infamous in no time. And then you wake up. Worth a try, though.... Go for it, Aquarius!

Pick what sign you are. Let me know if I am accurate. My sincere apologies if I am wide off the mark. My Psychic abilities are wearing off.

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Andrés Corella said...

HAha I love this fashion zodiac..I thought it was very cool! btw the shoes are just crazy! but in a good way :)

The Black Label

Closet Fashionista said...

Hehe how fun! I really do need some trainers....gotta start working out :)

Ginta said...

Good one! Could work for regular Sagg, but with my moon in Virgo and ascending Libra jumpsuit wouldn't work! Sorry! LOL Can I replace it with flares? ;)

Berta said...

I am Capricorn!! =) hahahah

Comtessedeferveur said...

Loved this. I'm a fellow Scorpio, or Scorpio.... Scorchio as I like to term us! xx

Emma said...

You're defo on the mark with me! I'm loving deep coloured lippies at the moment!!

Anonymous said...

haha, how fun!! although you know that clothes shopping from topshop is OFF the agenda this month....! :( xx

Couture Carrie said...

I am a Scorpio too!
Love this post!


Kavery said...

Ha ha . I'm a Piscean and it'd be really lucky if I could afford those heels!!

Lee Oliveira said...

Oh, I'm Aires and I think you may have described me to a T. LOL. How did you know I was a fan of the D&G too...haha


GretchTM said...

Interesting post! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog.

Marie a la Mode said...

Oh wow those shoes are amazing yet so awkward lol!
I LOVE my horoscope by the way! (Libra)

Dahl said...

Totally love this! I'm a Libra and it's funny because I was actually thinking about new sneakers to run around in. I love horoscopes!

Katie said...

Wow Virgo is spot on for me! Great post!

Wida said...

thank you for this! I'm a Taurus! :)

Missing Amsie Blog

Lena said...

I am cancer! Thanks your fot them!

Leia said...

This was SUCH a fun post! I'm a Leo and you were totally spot on! ;)


Syrious said...

i'm a scorpioooo!! super cute post!!
and the red versace shoes...gosh AMAZING!!

Kristin Hjellegjerde said...

I am a I am rushing out for colors..actually I am a bit tired and uninspired this month..but it will pass. Have a great day!

Viv said...

wonderful post, love it!

ryan said...

I'm going to take your advice and write to some magazine editors :)

Prena Limbu said...

Since I am a sagittarius, I may just go and get myself a jumpsuit! =)

Beautycountry said...

Oh my - those Versace's are to die for!! :D

ChiccaStyle said...

Amazing post, love it!!!i have to follow your suggestions ;)!

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

fun! i am a cancer :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Juliette said...

Think Italian, Be Italian, haha, Ok, I will !
It's fun ! ;)


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Hahaha these were awesome!! I love it. I'm a Capricorn and you hit it straight on the mark when you said I hate the colors red & green. Being a Christmas-ish baby is SO annoying sometimes. :P

This post reminded me of when I did the horoscope for my high school paper freshman year. I was so bitter about it (I wanted to write REAL stories) that I made each horoscope mean. Now I kinda want to dig through and find those old horoscopes!! :P

magic said...

nice red shoes:)

raquel said...

Interesante.Yo soy virgo jeje

joana said...

this is a brilliant post!

shabby said...

This is really cute! I'm an Aquarius.. and I wish! Haha

peace and love! shabby

Zarna said...

i'm a pisces and i want those versace heels!

Emily said...

Thanks for your comment Sarah. I'm pisces and I have been buying myself a few pairs of daring heels lately!

QueenDesi said...

OMG!!! Sarah!! you know what?! i'm a sagittarius and i'm literally in my best mood so far this year.. LOL:))


in Love&Light
Queen D

Elle said...

WOW! It's so cool this Fashion zodiac! Colored Trainers?....mmm I'm gonna think about it!☺

PS: Thanks for your nice comment! Nice blog! I follow you!☺

Francesca said...

I like this post.. it says I should wear white.. my favorite color!
if your interested theres a via republica bag giveaway on my blog

Oh to Be a Muse said...

what a fun post! i am a pisces and i did buy 2 pairs of fab shoes this month, although not as daring as the ones you have here. :)