August 16, 2010

Curly Haired Angel, Straight Haired Devil?

WARNING: I am a repeat sandal offender...sorry! I just love my fringed sandals, even though they are well battered by now. Anyway.....

On to something I wore last Wednesday. Despite buying this skirt over a year ago, this was the first time I ever wore it! The waist has always been a bit too big, and of course, I kept saying I would bring it to a dressmaker to fix it, but surprise, surprise I never did. So, instead I pinned it together. We are coming out of a recession after all!

Skirt: Tommy Hilfiger

T-shirt: Primark
Necklace: Claires Accessories
Sunglasses: New Look
Clutch: Warehouse

The weather yesterday was amazing, so hot, with a blue, blue sky. Only a dress with an open back would do in my instance. Paired with my trusty fringed sandals, I just let the dress do all the talking!

Dress: Random shop in Waterford
Love Necklace: River Island

One question: Curly or straight(ish) hair? I love my curly hair, but it doesn't last as long as when it is straight. After a few days, it resembles a not very pruned hedge!!

Have a great Monday everybody.

Also, if you can't see all of the pictures, would you mind just saying something?:) Thank you! Actually, how does everyone else upload their pictures? 

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ching said...

the second dress.. i heart it!
your nail polish pops out! i like it.

kirstyb said...

fabulous outfits xxx

jemina said...

NOW I can see all of your pictures babe, you look amazing in both curly or straight hair and OMG that dress with a cut out back is FABULOUS!!!

Wishing you a beautiful day


My Republic of Fashion said...

Thank God ye can see them all! Thanks a million for the amazing comments!!!:)

Daiane said...

the pictures look good, all of them can be seen, no worries!

i like curly hair best! i wish my hair was that long! <3

what nail polish did you use here? it's fab!

oxx from

My Republic of Fashion said...

Daiane: hey! Thanks for the comment. The nailpolish is PULSATING by Rimmel.:)

Leia said...

Very pretty! I like the curly hair best :)
Also, I use Flickr to upload pictures!


Lee Oliveira said...

Love the second dress Sara. Straight or not I think it looks good both ways.


vdcouture said...

you look super gorgeous in both but i love the straight hair more!! <3


Ryma said...

I love the first dress

Vitori Thinks said...

I like that skirt you bought a year ago... It did not look like you just put pins for it to fit... It looks perfectly fine on you... I also like the curly hair... =)

On the floral dress, you looked amazing... I love it! =)

By the way dearie, I just started following you... =)

Style and coffee said...

Love that dress!!
By the way, you hair looks amazing in the first pictures

Fabíola Beltrão said...

ow, amazing outfit


fashion nightmare said...

i love your nail polish.
and your hair looks gorgeous !

Mia Delessi said...

I love the outfits, the skirt is so beautiful. I think you look great in any hairstyle.

johanna said...

love the dress

UP WORLD by KC said...

wat a nice skirt, and you look great in all of ur picture,
come here soon take a look:) and u can follow me if you like

Haidée said...

Pretty love the dress so cute xx

Closet Fashionista said...

Oooh cute! And I always repeat everything ;) Hmmm as for hair...I like it both waits, haha
I upload my photos through blogger.

ryan said...

The purple nail polish rocks, and honestly your hair looks great curly or straight!

Christin said...

just wear it curly! its so beautiful and not to mention easier :)

Purses Pastries Etc... said...

Both outfits are great but I'm really loving the second dress! Really pretty hair color both curly and straight!

Chas said...

I love your fringe sandals and the dress in the second set of photos! The purple nail polish is awesome too!

♥ T ♥ said...

I like both hairstyles. What the hell was the solution before the straightening iron! I can`t live without mine, and love the fact that I can change style within a few.

thanks for stopping by!

xx T

Anthea said...

I can't choose between straight and curly hair! Both look lovely. I say wear the one you're in the mood for.

Love both your outfits. That dress in the 2nd outfit is lovely!

silviasiantar said...

thanks for the comment on my blog. really appreciated it.

following your blog now. its so great.


Isabel said...

i love the print of the skirt

Nina Calimbas said...


Pop Champagne said...

I kind of like your hair curly more, but either way it's lovely. hehe I always buy things and not wear it till much later too :D

riaj said...

you look beautiful!
and i have heels that are JUST LIKE YOUR SANDALS. only, well, they're heels lol

Dani said...

that skirt is so cute! and personally, i like your curly hair better though you look good with both! :)

Isquisofrenia said...

oh the back of that dress is so amazing
you look so pretty and love the color of the nails!

Melai said...

Hi Sarah! Gosh you are sooo lovely. Love your outfits here. By the way thanks for dropping by my blog :) Super appreciate it :) Thanks for the comment :) Drop by again okay :)

Melai of Style and Soul

SusuanaLove said...

Thanks for the comment :)
both dresses are really cute


--Sanam-- said...

Great pictures,and i love the beautiful dress you are wearing in the second set of pictures.Oh and i agree,those fringe sandals look amazing :D and hmmm...i'd say straight hair :D you look fabulous with both staright & curly hair though :D

StopAndStareStyle = My super-duper fashion and style blog.FOLLOW,COMMENT,READ & ENJOY! :D

Noble Beeyotch said...

I love your hair curly! Looks so cute!

The second dress is awesome!

Couture Carrie said...

Hi gorgeous!
Love your hair both ways!
Awesome dress!


Helena from BrooklynBlonde said...

Love the nail polish and I really do love your hair both ways! it's a nice change up! :)


Missy M said...

you look fab with both!

Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

Marie Z. said...

You look great! I like your hair both ways. Sorry I'm not much help! I have naturally curly hair like yours and I always straighten it because my curls always go frizzy and I end up looking like a male rock star from the '80's. Also, I upload my pics at Tinypic. You can make them much bigger and photo-shop your photos.

Mar said...

I rather the second outfit (I love open back dresses), but your messy hair is amazing! It looks gorgeous on you.

Love xxx


I love both your curly and straight hair! Hmmm i wish i could wear my hair curly but every time i try it goes flat again in about 2 hours!
I love the second dress with the open back too :D

I just use blogger to upload my photos directly. Not the best I know, since they automatically resize the pics but i can't be boethered using another file sharing site! haha

Luci Ana said...

Your dress is great!!

redheaded guru said...

love the skirt and the dress! i love dresses or shirts that have interesting backs! hope you had a lovely weekend, back to monday again, ack XP
- Lilly

Nubiasnonsense said...

Sandals are awesome! Cute hair color also. Nice open back

Lily Irwin said...

You look so beautiful my dear! I adore your floral dress in the second look, so wonderfully summery!

Quick question darling, where is that gorgeous purple nail varnish from? I love it!


Claire said...

cute outfit & i love the nail color!

~ xoxo :)

v [ hobovogue ] said...

love that skirt esp with those pockets!! :)

<33 [v] hobovogue

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i love the first look,the necklace makes the outfit pop!

agatheloff said...

Great look and amazing hair! <3

gorgeousclara said...

they are nice sandals, and I love the back of that dress

Jonathon Pedrozo said...

i think straight makes u look better!

follow me @

Zarna said...

i think curly hair looks great on you, it just suits your face and style!!


Collette Osuna said...

I think you look fantastic!! Thanks for stopping mby my your hair!

Elle Sees said...

love the polish color!

Morgan DeLapa said...

Oooh I just love your skirt! And I like your sandals so I don't care if you're a repeat sandal offender :)

thank you for the lovely comment on my blog!

Style Porn said...

A short floral mini skirt is just what the doctor ordered. And you can't even tell it's been pinned!

Aaaand, I love your hair both ways ( and you have so MUCH of it! Lucky girl) but I have to say I'm partial to the curls.

Elizabeth Faraday said...

really pretty! i love the dress, and especially the skirt!


The October Issue said...

I love your nail polish & skirt!

MarchMusings said...

Was going to write - 'what a pretty skirt' till I saw the dress. Love !

roxanne said...

ah, i have so many pieces that need alterations. unfortunately, they can't be remedied with a pin..

great looks, i'm slightly partial to the straight hair myself.

Grace said...

Adore your dress!

Love Grace.

All my thoughts & my heart talks said...

thanx for the comment on allmythoughts and the heart talks lve all the cute pictures i followed you love if you did the same! xo
love always

The Backseat Stylers said...

I'm so guilty of buying things that are too big and never getting them altered as planned.

I think your hair looks great curly or straight!

The Y v said...

I like the outfit in the first picture.
cute skirt<3

michelle_ said...

i love the first outfit :) i like how easy breezy it looks ! i think u look good in both curly and straight hair :)

thanks for the blog birthday wish :)

Emma said...

I love your first outfit, and you natural hair is beautiful!


Twee + Kz said...

i love that skirt and your nail polish Sarah!!!and definitely curly hair!!it look so sexy on you!!


Daiane said...

thank you for responding on my blog too! i will be checking back though, i've just left another comment on the new post!


Grit and Glamour said...

Love your hair straight, but it's nice curly too! Also, killer polish!

♥ V

à la Modest said...

Nice outfits! I like the straight hair! Mine doesn't keep curls very long, so I'm just the opposite :-/

Meritte said...

I love both of your outfits! (:
& I love your purple nail polish!

Shirley said...

Hey I love the brown dress!
So cute!

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