July 05, 2010

I'm a Celeb...get me outta here!

In the airport: You think when you go to the airport, you wear the most comfy outfit to hand. Is that the case? Not really in the land of celebrity. I believe Victoria Beckham makes things way more interesting in the airport. With her high, oh-so high heels and her Hermés bag perched delicately on her wrist: the airport has become the new catwalk. My style at the airport is casual, definitely no heels. I have no doubt in my mind that I would fall on the shiny airport floor. Think Lady Gaga a few days ago. Here...

The past few days has seen a plethora of celebrities arriving in and out of the airport.

The Queen: Victoria Beckham in Isabel Marant arriving in Nice Airport 2nd of July.

Image from victoriabeckham-jenna.blogspot.com

The Princess: Sienna Miller.

Image from celebritygossip.net

The Hippie: Isabel Lucas.

Image from celebritygossip.net

The too cool-for-School-er: Rihanna.

Image from celebritygossip.net

The Happy-go-Lucky Casual Gal: Hilary Duff.

Image from JustJared

My favourite is not Victoria Beckham this time, but Sienna Miller, followed very shortly by Rihanna.

What celebrity style in the airport do you prefer?


jemina said...

I LOVE Rihanna's style ha ha ha, XOXO

beewaits said...

Isabel Lucas looks like she's sporting what I'd most likely wear at the airport, except I'd prob team it with a nice wedge...and hand luggage filled with trashy magazines, face wipes...and a belt. That said def think Rihanna looks the best, effortless.

Sarah said...

I love Sienna's style as it's pretty close to how I dress when I'm flying. I feel like Isabel Lucas would look a bit more at home at a music festival though...x


Lee Oliveira said...

I love Sienna Miller's coat.. Looks like Dior..

Athena_Trendsetter said...

I love all the looks, but I'd rather go comfortable at the airport so my pick is Hilary Duff. Love that post by the way!



Fashion Guerillas said...

Haha, great idea for a post.
I prefer Sienna for Rihanna.
Sienna is dressed very classy, whereas Rihanna is dressed in a cool and sexy way.


Thanks for following my blog :)
I'm following you on bloglovin.

Anthea said...

I like Sienna Miller's look the most. I love it because it is simple and classic.

Emilie said...

They all look fantastic!

kirstyb said...

victoria always looks flawless xxxx

Tere said...

I love victoria's style! is fantastic and very nice!!
very kisses from http://sweetsyte.blogspot.com/

meraldia said...

Victoria Beckam and Sienna Miller look great even at the airport!

Closet Fashionista said...

They look great, but I'm not fond of Hilary's or Rhianna. I like when people dress for the airport :p

Gets said...

Sienna and Isabel Lucas look the most fab yet comfortable! :D Definitely my choice haha. But I love Victoria Beckham's style wherever she goes. (:

PS "the airport has become the new catwalk" is a great line! :D



Christie said...

LOVE Victoria Beckham - her style is amazing! xo

In Fashion and Style

Brianna said...

I like Victoria and Sienna's. Obviously not practical for the person not being photographed but still pretty.

Marie Z. said...

I like Sienna's the best however Hilary Duff comes in second ONLY because she looks comfortable, not stylish. I would never wear heels on a flight! The airplane aisle is not a runway!

Désirée said...

I don't like Victoria B. she looks so arrogant.. like Isabel Lucas! and I agree I would never wear high heels for a flight! my feet get to cold!:-)kiss

johanna said...

They're perfect
Thank you so much for your lovely comment, adorable!
Love, johanna

Isabel said...

when i travel im all about comfort and layering. and i NEVER wear heels. that would be crazy!

Abi-Anne said...

I love Sienna's style. But then again...you can't really see what's underneath. Then Isabel is a close second.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for following. Means a lot :)


kingaaaa said...

Victoria looks amazing in this skirt. :)

thanks for the comment and I hope to see you again at:

knk said...

hi dear how are u

victoria looks hot i like her outfit


Becca said...

I'm always in awe of how cute celebs look at the airport. I always feel like such a mess when I fly. I think Victoria Beckham always looks impeccible!


Maybe Sienna's, cool + chic...I only would change the shoes...

Lannie said...

poor celebs -- can never leave the door without being all dolled up, or they'll immediately show up on horrid CELEBS WITHOUT THEIR MAKE UP mag covers.

interesting post!


Leia said...

Sienna Miller is my fave too!

Leia's Delights

rebecca said...

I think that Isabel Lucas looks amazing (:


Fuji Files said...

I love Posh's shoes... for a night out. But Rihanna's got my fav airport look. Love seeing how they tackle an issue we all deal with! The airport outfit.

xx Cristina

dulci said...

great pics! the airport outfit is hard to master!


Dallas Shaw said...

love sienna

clarasmiles said...

If I had to choose I would stay with Isabel Lucas, but perhaps with another bag ;)

I love your blog girl, congrats for the post

Natalie said...

Love airport style posts, even though I hate airports themselves. The fashion feels really real and not over-styled.