May 24, 2010

I ♥ Books

About six years ago, my friend gave me 'How to Walk in High Heels' by Camilla Morton (foreword by John Galliano). And ever since then, I have been hooked with these sort of books. I do realise that this book is not newly published, but I just love it and want to explain why. From telling you to love your computer (unfortunately, I glossed over this part, as I tend to curse my slow computer on a daily basis), to how to deal with unpleasant situations, this book truly deserves their sub-title of being 'the girl's guide to everything'.

Some of the content might be a little obvious, like 'how to put a heel on', but that is just all part of the like-ability of the book. It is fashion meets fun with insights from famous designers like Vivienne Westwood explaining how to appreciate art and Manolo Blahnik telling us how to pick a shoe. No better man for the job really!

Of course when Morton published her second book 'A Girl for all Seasons' (foreword by Manolo Blahnik), I bought it immediately. This is sort of a sequel book and more often than not sequels do not live up to their predecessor, and this kind of happened with 'A Girl for all Seasons'. If you have read it or even if you haven't, you would cop on to the fact that this book is divided up into 12 chapters, 12 months, hence the name.

Being a November girl, I went straight for that chapter. This chapter and all the other chapters are really factual, again they have insights from designers and celebrity figures, which are interesting and helpful. However, I just felt like this book was lacking the wittiness that 'How to Walk in High Heels' had. That's just my opinion, do you agree/ disagree with me?

Like I said, I was hooked into these sort of books and the next 'fashion' books that I went mad for were 'The Goddess Guide' and 'The Goddess Experience' written and illustrated beautifully by Gisele Scanlon.

The Goddess Experience

Both of these books are brilliant: informative, witty, fun and random in places. Perfect reads!

Three more books that I read and loved are:

Whatever is said about Rachel Zoe, I love what she does. This book is luxurious, glamorous and modern. This is what Zoe is all about.

This book by Linda Watson is fantastic, everything you need to know about fashion labels and designers. Sure, this information is widely available on the Internet, but I so prefer reading an actual book. Maybe its because I suffer from technophobia.haha. Anything is possible with me! What do you or computer screen?

A must read. Written by Imogen Edwards-Jones. What really goes on in the fashion Industry...

Sorry if this post is a little random, but I just had to write about some of my favourite books that deal with fashion & much more. What are yours?

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